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Industria Congress 2021

Study association Industria at the Eindhoven University of Technology asked me to produce an aftermovie for their annual congress. At the 2021 edition of the IndustriaCongress, they invited multiple companies and a guest speaker to inspire students and connect them to the professional field. Although it was a sitdown event due to the current pandemic, it was a lot of fun filming and networking.

- A Familiar Place - collection showcase by Manou van den Berg

A Familiar Place, is fashion designer Manou’s summer ’22 collection. Due to the pandemic, she could not organise a catwalk show. Therefore she asked me to help her film a video digital showcase. Togehter with Thomas van den Nieuwenhof and Max Beelearts we shot this stunning piece. Thanks to the talented models and others on set who made filming a breeze. Special thanks to Manou for the inspiring chance to do a fashion shoot. Check out her collection at

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In the Vault podcast

In The Vault is a new, up and coming podcast for music producers. Created to give an in-depth look at the world of music production, connect established producers to the young new generation and share their wisdom. Daan worked as a producer, together with host and creator, Noa Schoffelen, on the pilot episode and will be producing future episodes.

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Being surrounded by mostly creatives and entrepreneurs. Daan together with Jeannot Keser decided to start a creative collective based on the idea of being able to create anything. As young designers, they use DesBoules DesBoules as their voice to the world.

Near the end of 2020, they worked on a collaboration with Vintage Vetements, a vintage clothing store at Strijp-s, the creative heart of Eindhoven. Vintage Vetements has since its opening in 2019 been a household name in the scene. The collaboration resulted in a beautiful and playful sign built to withstand all weather conditions.  

Ontwerpen voor een nieuwe wereld; Hoe maak ik impact?

“Designing for a new world; How do I have an impact?”

For a new Minor program, the HAN University of Applied Sciences asked Daan to make a promo film. He visited several entrepreneurs that have an impact and students with a vision of making an impact. He used their stories to describe how important it is as a design student to develop a vision of how you want to have an impact on the world around you.

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Verbind; a project about selfreflection & -development

A project about self-reflection and -development resulted in the short film that sparked Daan’s love for filmmaking. He physically and metaphorically joins his strengths and passions to design and present a series of furniture items only using wood joinery.



Buddy; more than just a robot

Imagine, a buddy who is always there for you when you need it. A system that supports you in daily life. a way to ensure that you can live at home for as long as possible.

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"Designers are just storytellers translating their story into the physical world"

Daan is a creative explorer with a bachelor in Industrial design currently doing his Masters. Apart from being a designer, he is a freelance filmmaker. He is a quick learner that developed a broad set of skills over the years. During his bachelors, he worked on several multidisciplinary projects, where he often took the role of mediator. He likes to get involved in every aspect of the development process, working with people from different backgrounds. Daan is a visual designer, meaning that he tries to visualize as early and often as possible. Building prototypes or interactive experiences is a necessity in my design process He has a large skillset to build a wide variety of prototypes using materials ranging from wood and metal to plastics and textiles.

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