The reintroduction of retro tech attributes into smart devices and services

Constructive Design Research

Smart technology is increasingly taking over our lives. More house-hold tasks become automated via the Internet of Things (IoT). However, these smart technologies become less personal and even present a psychological risk for homeowners. When the world of IoT expands rapidly, some retro-tech artefacts, like vinyl, are still being used and appreciated today. This study aims to reintroduce beloved features from retro tech into more advanced technology to review if personality, sense of ownership and experience of using this advanced tech can be improved. This study is the first step towards an age of post-digitalism, where we explore the limits of smart-tech and the inclusion of slow-tech to create a more balanced and healthy relationship with our devices. (read whole paper)


Field Research

As a designer with aspirations to work in the field of global development internationally it was an easy choice to pick a field methodology. When working in different countries with different cultures, emerging oneself in this culture and working in the context of the user are essential.

Although the topic in of itself didn’t directly relate to my vision, indirectly it related through the topic of critical design thinking.  Nowadays, designers keep making more advanced and smarter devices and services. But not a lot of them look critically at the products to see if they might have overdone it. While this is highly topical in the field of IoT, it also is an important topic of discussion in the field of global development where all too often designers develop solutions that are too complicated for communities to maintain. This means many of these solution get abandoned and problems remain.